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"Creating safe spaces for the queer community"

I cut my teeth at the world famous Homomonument

where our family ran the Roze Wester Festivals for years and later founded Pink Point                                      the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument.


We now own the infamous gay fetish Club ChUrch                                   as well as the fabulous gay bathhouse, Sauna NZ


From this we realised that nothing was hopeless and we gave birth to the 'House of Hopelezz.'



In 2015 we founded the inaugural Superball, the battle of the Drag Houses which has grown into an international blockbuster with more than 11 houses competing for Drag House of the Year in the Paradiso club.

Our latest wonderful event was first launched in 2017 with the Streetheart Festival,                                   which is a wonderful way to bring our kooky queer community out of the club and into the public for an afternoon of family activities; dancing, performance, dressing- up and having fun.


Den Haag,  The Netherlands,  2019                                                        Photo Club ChUrch                            

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